Multiple Republicans arrested for involvement in bribery scheme

The corruption runs deep in our political world, but it is finally being flushed out.

Early Tuesday morning, three individuals were arrested and charged with federal bribery related to federal programs, honest services wire fraud, and conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud.

The Criminals

State Representative Jack Williams (R-Vestavia Hills) is a local congressman in Alabama.

Marty Connors is also a Republican, and the former chairman of the Alabama Republican Party.

The third individual, G. Ford Gilbert, is a health care professional.

The Crime

According to the report, the charges stemmed from an effort by Gilbert to purchase influence with the local politicians.

Gilbert allegedly made payments to yet another politician, House Majority Leader Micky Harmon.

The bribe was made in an effort to have health care legislation pushed through the Alabama legislature.

The bill would have forced Blue Cross and Blue Shield to cover treatments for diabetes at private health care centers.

Some of the centers in question were owned by Gilbert.

For his role in the scandal, Hammon would have been given part ownership of a Trina clinic.

Doing the Time

Hammon reportedly was in dire straits regarding his financials, which made him the perfect target.

In fact, it is reported that Hammon pled guilty on unrelated charges in another state and is already in prison.

Both Williams and Connors have already appeared in court and have been released on $25,000 bail.

Their arraignment is being held later this month.

Suspicions Arose

The trigger for the investigation into the legislation was Hammon pleading out in the second case.

The bill, HB415, would have removed the restriction for patients needing to make the trip to a hospital for their treatments.

If it had passed, they would have been able to go to clinics, such as Trina (which is the clinic Gilbert owned), for care.

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Trump promised to drain the swamp when he took office, and it would appear that is exactly what is happening.

Be they on the left or right side of the aisle, if politicians are breaking the law and corrupt, they need to be removed from public office and sent to jail.

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