Mueller role in secretive subpoena battle has been confirmed

Two attorneys from special counsel Robert Mueller’s team are the prosecutors in the mysterious legal battle involving a state-owned foreign company that has now played out in three separate levels of the judicial system, Politico reported.

A court filing unsealed by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals revealed that attorneys Scott Meisler and Zainab Ahmad are representing the government in the highly-secretive legal proceedings.

Meisler was part of the Mueller team that is prosecuting former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort on a host of charges wholly unrelated to President Donald Trump. Ahmad is a member of the Mueller team that is prosecuting former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Attorney names revealed

Very little is known about this particular legal battle other than the fact that the foreign company is fighting against an effort by Mueller’s grand jury to subpoena certain records, a fight that has reportedly already reached the Supreme Court.

It remains unclear who the foreign company is or even which foreign nation controls it, but it is known that the company is being represented in U.S. courts by an Atlanta-based law firm known as Alston and Bird. Some of their foreign clients include Russian businesses owned by Russian oligarchs, but the firm represents clients from other foreign nations as well.

Aside from Meisler and Ahmad’s names being revealed by the court filing, Politico reported that so too were the names of the Alston and Bird lawyers — Brian Boone, Ted Kang, Emily Costin and Karl Geercken.

Mueller tried to keep it all quiet

The unsealing of the court filings appears to have been the result of a request by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, who have since revealed that it was Mueller’s team who had sought to keep this particular case so secretive.

Attorney Ted Boutrous, who is representing the Reporters Committee in its request for information, said in a statement, “It looks like it is the government that is resisting disclosure and that the company wanted the public to know that fact.”

“Absent some extraordinary order that we don’t know about, there is nothing stopping the company from revealing its identity and we are hoping it will do so now that its lawyers have gone on the record with their identity in this filing,” added Boutrous.

It is worth noting that the Alston and Bird attorneys declined comment when asked by Politico about the case, as did the special counsel’s office, though that office did confirm that Meisler and Ahmad were part of Mueller’s team.

Media speculation

Without knowing the identity of the state-run foreign company or even the nation it comes from, it is impossible to know with any certainty what this case is about and who may be the ultimate subject or target of the grand jury subpoenas. Of course, that fact won’t stop many in the media from wildly speculating about Russia and Trump and other such nonsense.

What they won’t focus on at all is the fact that it was Mueller’s team that is attempting to keep this particular case under wraps and out of sight, which would doubtless be a cause for alarm were that to have been done by anyone other than the anti-Trump Democrats’ perceived savior, Robert Mueller.

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