Mueller’s rush to sentence cooperating witnesses may show his investigation is over

In case you haven’t noticed, there has been a lot of activity in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office lately concerning the sentencing of witnesses in his investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia — but that doesn’t mean Mueller is getting closer to indicting the commander in chief.

In fact, in all likelihood, Mueller is wrapping up his investigation.

What really has the media worried, though, is the fact that nothing has been announced regarding Donald Trump, and key witnesses are now being sentenced, something that is normally reserved for after the primary subject has been charged.

A Big Waste of Money

Many will tell you that the fact that people like Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen were arrested and charged makes the time and money spent by Mueller all worth it.

Let’s remember, though, that the initial purpose of this investigation was to find collusion with Russia.

That did not happen — and it likely isn’t going to, based on the sentencing hearings being conducted by Mueller’s list of witnesses.

Standard procedure in these cases generally leads to sentencing after the witnesses have testified in the case of the main subject — in this case, Donald Trump.

That is done to ensure they go through with their planned testimony and no holes are found in their statements leading up the main trial.

But with Cohen having been sentenced already and Manafort more or less refusing to cooperate, chances are there will be no testimony against Donald Trump.

That is what has the media turning on its ear right now.

Nothing Illegal

Earlier in this process, Mueller said that his team had nothing pointing toward any wrongdoing by the Trump team in terms of collusion with Russia.

The investigation continued, however, because Mueller found some tangential investigations he felt he needed to pursue from information that came to light while investigating Trump.

Now, almost two years and $60 million later, we have people that worked for Trump who have been charged, but nothing against Trump.

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At the end of the day, will the Mueller report be embarrassing for Trump? Perhaps.

But all signs point to no indictment — and that is going to destroy liberals, Democrats, and the mainstream media who have been chomping at the bit over this fake news narrative of collusion.

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