Mueller witness flees country after being accused of sex crimes

Robert Mueller’s quest to get some dirt on President Trump just took a major hit.

After being accused of various sex crimes, George Nader, a key witness, has fled the country.

Nader Ties to Trump

George Nader briefly served as a Middle East policy advisor during the transition.

Mueller was specifically interested in what Nadar had to say because of his involvement in several meetings that allegedly took place between Donald Trump and representatives for the UAE.

These meetings allegedly happened during the transition stages of the administration.

Nader, though, has several skeletons in his closet that will hurt his believability in this case.

Reason being, Mueller may try to cut some type of deal with him on these sex charges to drop a dime on Trump.

And we all know how reliable jailhouse informants are.

Skeletons in Nader’s Closet

In 1991, Nader pled guilty to a child pornography charge.

He received a 6-month sentence for transporting sexually explicit materials.

Prior to that conviction, Nader had been brought up on charges in 1985 for importing magazines with pictures of nude boys.

However, those charges were dismissed on a technicality.

In 2002, Nader was convicted again, this time in the Czech Republic.

He reportedly received a one-year prison sentence for 10 cases of abusing minors.

Fleeing the Country

In late March, the Daily Mail reported that Nader fled the country.

It is believed he has fled to the United Arab Emirates, where he has significant ties.

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According to the report, the Emirati prince used his contacts to help get Nader out of the country safely.

Unless Mueller is able to get Nader back on American soil, his case against Trump just took a major blow.

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