Fox News’ Bret Baier believes Mueller testimony could backfire on Dems

Democrats have been setting the stage for former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony for days.

Fox News pundit Bret Baier, however, believes that when Mueller finally takes his chair, what he says could actually hurt the Democrat cause instead of being the knockout blow Democrats are banking on.

DOJ Guidelines

As Special Counsel, Robert Mueller was an employee of the Justice Department. As such, Mueller reached out to the DOJ for advice on the parameters of his testimony.

For the most part, the media has been reporting this as though the DOJ warned Mueller where he can and cannot go, but that is not the case.

He asked for advice and was given it. The parameters given by the DOJ were not to discuss anything outside the scope of his report, which makes perfect sense.

Democrats want Mueller to say he would have indicted Trump were it not for the fact Trump is a sitting president. There is a very good chance Mueller will just reiterate what he said in his report and nothing more.

Republicans Could Flip It

In addition to the threat of having Mueller stonewall Democrats, it may be Republicans on the panel that land the best blows.

Baier stated, “There are some openings for Republicans to ask those questions, one of them on the conspiracy front…when did you know that you were not moving forward with any indictments on conspiracy and if that answer is well before the… elections, that will be an interesting fact.”

Honestly, everything will depend on how detailed Mueller’s answers are during testimony.

Considering how adamant Mueller was that the report should serve as his testimony, he may simply refer everyone to the page of the report that covers the issue on which he is being questioned.

That would not hurt Republicans or Trump, and it would make Democrats look absolutely foolish.

The fate of their future attacks on Trump lies in the balance, so expect a lot of fireworks. If Dems don’t get what they want from Mueller, you better believe they will be whining about it for weeks in the media.

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