Report: Robert Mueller appeared before secret court in 2002 to explain alleged FISA abuses by the FBI

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has some nasty skeletons in his closet.

A new, blistering report from The Hill alleges that “according to evidence gathered by congressional investigators,” the former FBI director was ordered to testify secretly before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) about alleged abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to obtain warrants.

Abusing the System

According to the Hill, Mueller spoke before the FISC in 2002, a year after he joined the FBI’s payroll, but his testimony largely remained a secret because of the privacy the court is allowed.

Now, Trish Anderson, who until recently was the FBI’s principal deputy general counsel, has blown the whistle Mueller and the FBI, telling House investigators in 2018 that Mueller appeared before the FISC to “address concerns about extensive cheating on FISA warrants,” The Hill reported.

“It preceded my time with the FBI but as I understood it, there was a pattern of some incidents of omission that were of concern to the FISA court that resulted in former Director Mueller actually appearing before the FISA court,” Anderson said.

The stunning report goes on to detail that the FBI was omitting information, apparently purposely, to secure FISA warrants in terrorism cases.

Most of these cases occurred before Mueller took over in 2001, but pundits are concerned it set a dangerous precedent.

History Repeats

Indeed, Mueller was supposed to have rectified this situation in the FBI, but he clearly did not. According to reports, the FBI omitted key information on their 2016 application to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on a top Trump campaign official.

That official, Carter Page, was subjected to surveillance by the FBI thanks to a warrant granted in part because of the infamous Christopher Steele dossier. But the FBI failed to share with the FISC that the dossier was funded at least in part by Democrats and has been discredited.

It has also been reported that around that same time, FBI official Bruce Ohr was the reported source of the leaks to the media.

This all just goes to show that the bureau was operating with a political agenda ahead of the 2016 election, rather than working as a much-needed arm of the Justice Department.

The entire integrity of the FISA process was, and more than likely still is, compromised. Maybe it’s time to reevaluate whether this act should be in our law book at all.

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