Trump says Mueller’s investigation is ‘screaming’ and ‘threatening’ people

The president had been a bit quiet about the Russia collusion investigation in recent weeks — but that all came to an end on Thursday, when he unleashed an epic Twitter rant on Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team.

In his tweets, the president said the “inner workings of the Mueller investigation are a total mess” — and he provided evidence to back up his claims, accusing Mueller and his team of “shouting at people” and “horribly threatening them” before calling the probe “a total witch hunt.”

Perfect Timing

While it is unclear what provoked Trump’s barrage of tweets, the timing of the president’s rant makes it seem as though he is sending a message to his acting attorney general.

Trump wants this investigation wrapped up — and he wants it wrapped up now.

Mueller has been at this for about two years, and he has yet to come up with any evidence at all that links the Russians to the Trump campaign regarding collusion during the 2016 campaign season.

Actually, when several Russians were indicted for election meddling, Mueller flat out said there was no evidence against Trump to connect him with the Russians.

Since then, Mueller has continued to go off on tangents, investigating anything and everything he wants.

But the man was tasked with one job: find collusion.

He has been unable to do that, so why is this investigation still going on?

At All Costs

Looking at the president’s tweet, it appears that Mueller has resorted to bad cop tactics in order to get the answers he wants to put the noose around Trump’s neck.

The ire behind the rant more than likely came from a questionnaire sent to the president by Mueller.

Rather than appear before Mueller, it was agreed upon the president would answer their questions in writing.

Some of those questions obviously hit a nerve, sending the president to Twitter to rant.

While Trump has never publicly said he was going to fire Mueller or simply put an end to the investigation on his own, Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans, like soon-to-be-former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), continue to push that narrative.

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It has gotten so bad, in fact, there was a recent attempt to push through legislation that would prevent the president from putting a stop to all of this.

That, however, was thwarted by Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who said he has never heard the president utter such a request, and that there is simply no need for that type of legislation.

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