Robert Mueller resigns from Justice Department

On Wednesday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller abruptly ended speculation regarding his investigation and any role he may have moving forward.

Robert Mueller has officially resigned his position, effective Wednesday, signifying the end of the Russia probe.

Poking the Bear

While Mueller officially resigned his position, his statement only intensified the debate around the Russia probe.

Mueller pussyfooted around the obstruction charge, in effect handing it off to Congress.

In one breath, he stated his office did not find sufficient evidence to charge Trump. In the next, he stated it would be unconstitutional to charge Trump while in office, that is a duty for Congress.

Taking the Bait

Democrats latched onto the statement made by Mueller as though they had found a freshwater spring in the middle of the desert. The moment Mueller finished speaking, Democrat presidential candidates flooded the Internet with calls for impeachment.

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) took all of about three minutes to hold his own presser, stating that Democrats had a case for obstruction. Nadler went so far as to say that Mueller stated there was significant evidence of obstruction of justice.

The only problem, though, is that those words never actually were uttered by Mueller.

Not so shockingly, not a single member of the media called out Nadler on his blatant lie and twisting of the facts.

By making his statement in the manner he did, Mueller unknowingly kicked a beehive. That beehive, of course, is the Democrat party’s movement to impeach Trump, and it has gotten considerably angrier in the last 24 hours.

We are no closer to a conclusion on these issues than we were two years ago when Mueller was first appointed.

Sadly, this administration will probably continue to be bogged down with partisan investigations and calls for impeachment for the remainder of this term.

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