Newt Gingrich calls for Robert Mueller to publicly release 70 hours of Cohen interviews

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich just issued a massive challenge to special counsel Robert Mueller that likely has him furious.

The conservative firebrand wants Mueller to release the full 70 hours of interview tapes with former Trump attorney Michael Cohen so the American people can judge for themselves if he is telling the truth or not.

Very Strange…

For the record, Gingrich is not someone that has been overly critical of Mueller in the past.

While he has directed him to stay on track, he has not recommended firing Mueller or even anything close to that — so when he calls out Mueller, we should take note.

After hearing more about the investigation, Gingrich said that he was baffled by the tactics being employed by the Mueller team.

For that reason, he thinks the tapes of the interviews with Cohen should be released, so the American people can see how we got to this point.

“They ought to release the 70 hours of tape of their interviews with Cohen,” Gingrich maintained, noting: “They’ve been using very strange prosecutorial tactics.”

The Tactics

Gingrich was no doubt reacting to some of the information that has come out about the interviews being conducted.

A recent lawsuit brought against Mueller by Jerome Corsi has more than a few people concerned that the special counsel’s team may be breaking the law.

According to Corsi, Mueller has been using “illegal and unconstitutional surveillance” in his probe.

Additionally, Gingrich reported that those who don’t give Mueller what he wants are being brutalized and demonized until they break.

Gingrich seems to believe there may be something on those tapes that will prove Mueller is just hammering people until they finally break and give him the story he wants — even if it is not the truth.

If Mueller has nothing to hide, what is there to lose by releasing the tapes?

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If it is a matter of national security, release the tapes to the Senate and House committees so they can hear what was said.

In all likelihood, though, we will never hear a word of it and will have to take Mueller at his word — which, for most of us, is not really worth all that much.

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