Robert Mueller is now questioning Trump donors as part of his investigation

The witch hunt against Donald Trump is staring to take an ugly turn.

New reports have revealed Robert Mueller is now starting to question longtime Trump friends and donors of the Republican President.


Even though Mueller has said Trump is not the subject of anything criminal regarding the Russians, his investigation goes on.

In his effort to find something, anything, on Trump, Mueller is now calling close Trump friends into his office for questioning.

One of the President’s more prominent friends, Tom Barrack, is among those caught in Mueller’s net.

While it was not exactly clear what Mueller asked Barrack, it is clear he is hoping to find some type of campaign violation based on recent news.

Tom Barrack

In picking Barrack, Mueller has picked someone that has known Trump both professionally and personally for decades.

Mr. Barrack has reportedly worked on numerous real estate deals with Trump.

In addition, Barrack was an integral part of Trump’s election team, which is why we think Mueller wanted to talk to him.

While many high-profile Republicans in the private sector were distancing themselves from Trump, Barrack remained loyal.

Not only that, but he also worked diligently fundraising for Trump.

In fact, it has been reported that Barrack was one of the President’s top performing fundraisers.

More than likely, Mueller questioned him specifically about the flow of money in and out of the campaign.

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Mueller is no doubt trying to tie Trump’s payment to Michael Cohen to the Stormy Daniels repayment.

At this time, Barrack has yet to make a comment about Mueller calling him in for questioning.

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