Mueller probe ‘hampered’ congressional investigations, senator alleges

For many conservatives, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has more than overstepped his bounds, but one Republican Senator thinks he did far more than that.

When Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) was asked if he thought Mueller’s investigation “hampered” congressional investigations, he replied, “Yes, I think, absolutely.”

Too Close for Comfort

One problem Senator Johnson has experienced in the past is the lack of cooperation with the committees while another investigation is going on.

Law enforcement agencies often delay or outright decline to turn over relevant information, even if there is a subpoena.

This is something we have seen numerous times over the last few years, most recently in the Hillary email investigation.

Only last week, former Rep. Jason Chaffetz discussed how his 2016 subpoena was more or less ignored by the Justice Department.

A similar subpoena was issued in 2017 and 2018, both of which were also ignored by the FBI.

Johnson cites Mueller being “so close the FBI” as part of the problem.

The Senator stated, “You know, I’ve been conducting a[n]…investigation on the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton. I think we’re starting to see some real problems here.”

All Things Considered…

Senator Johnson said he would prefer that any “special counsel” investigations take place AFTER congressional hearings are completed.

This would allow the congressional committee to fully do its job and not face the roadblocks put up when there is a special counsel called upon.

As we have seen, though, Mueller is keeping everything he has very close to his vest.

Regardless of how much Congress stamps its feet, the FBI is refusing to turn over evidence it has that could possibly lead these investigative committees down a different road to the indictment of Hillary Clinton.

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Were the process allowed to “play out,” there is no telling what the congressional committee would have found.

As it stands now, though, and as Trey Gowdy himself conceded, these committees are a complete waste of time and money because they are flat out incapable of conducting a serious investigation

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