All signs point to Mueller investigation finally winding down

Since late November, pundits have been going on TV predicting that Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation will be over “next week.”

But there were few signs that was actually the case, though, until now. Several members of the special counsel team have moved on and Mueller has informed a federal judge they are finally done with Michael Flynn.

Early Signs

Even though the investigation appears to be at its tail end, we are probably still at least three to four weeks from seeing a report.

The fact that Mueller is done with Flynn is a fairly good hint that Mueller may be wrapping this up. A significant portion of the would-be case was tied into Flynn.

We have also seen some repositioning by some of the top Democrats on the case of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

The fact that Nancy Pelosi is backing off impeachment just makes us think she already knows the report will not be the smoking gun they had hoped.

Why So Long?

There is one thing we know with Mueller and that is that his report will be extensive and thorough, like his sentencing memo for Paul Manafort.

When he does release this report, it will probably make “War & Peace” look like a magazine.

There is also more than enough reason to believe that even if there is not any evidence of collusion, he will go to great lengths to make Trump look bad in other areas.

We know this based on the many tangents this investigation has already taken.

It went from a Russian collusion investigation to obstruction of justice to campaign finance violations. Now the investigation is apparently diving neck-deep into Trump’s personal finances.

For Trump, the sooner this report comes out the better, be it good or bad.

If it is good, Trump gets to hammer Democrats for pushing a witch hunt. If it is bad, it still gives Trump plenty of time to absorb the hit and recover well before the 2020 election season really gets going.

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