Supreme Court hands Mueller investigation major defeat

The Mueller investigation has finally hit a roadblock in its quest to take down President Trump.

The Supreme Court has issued a temporary stay protecting an unnamed company under subpoena by Mueller.

Temporary Relief

Last week, word got out a company, only identified as “Company A,” was seeking relief against a grand jury subpoena.

The company was also hoping to get relief from a daily fine being issued for not complying with the order.

During the week, the company was frantically working the appeals system to quash the subpoena, to no avail.

When the issue landed on the steps of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the court, not surprisingly, sided with Mueller and his investigation.

Now, Mueller will have to respond to the stay before the end of the year for the Supreme Court to decide whether the stay will remain or be removed.

More Bad News

Robert Mueller has enjoyed considerable support among liberals since this investigation started.

However, some recent revelations regarding both Mueller and some members of his team have recently changed the direction of that tide as well.

President Trump in recent days has been in all-out attack mode, bringing to light some cases that bring into question bias about both Mueller and his team.

He must have hit a nerve because some recent polls show waning support for Mueller.

It may also have something to do with estimates ranging from $25 to $60 million as the cost of this investigation thus far.

Multiple outlets have already reported they do not expect Mueller to announce any type of collusion between the President and the Russians.

Point being, save the indictments that had nothing at all do with collusion, the investigation will end up being pointless.

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Few, if any, would say spending that kind of money was worth it just to see Manafort and Cohen in jail.

This could be the break Trump needs to put serious pressure on Mueller to wrap up the witch hunt.

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