Roger Stone says Mueller’s overall goal is to see Trump removed from office

In an extremely candid interview with the Washington Examiner, Republican operative Roger Stone took on some of the president’s most dangerous opponents in the special counsel investigation.

Speaking with the publication following his remarks at the American Priority Conference on Thursday, Stone accused former FBI chief Robert Mueller of attempting to remove President Donald Trump from office, while slamming other key witnesses in the case in the harshest terms.

Take no prisoners

“[Mueller’s] target is undoing the results of the last election and removing this president,” Stone told the Examiner. Mueller currently leads the special counsel established last May to investigate allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

When asked if he thinks Trump will be impeached, Stone replied: “Well, certainly not on the basis of Russian collusion because I believe there is none.”

Stone, who has served as a longtime friend and political advisor to the president, saved some of his most severe criticism for Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen. He didn’t hold anything back, saying:

Don’t you think he’s being used by his new attorney and by the Clintonistas as a bludgeon to attack Donald Trump? I mean, first of all, let me say on the record, he’s the single dumbest [censored] I’ve ever met in my entire life. I mean, he’s as dumb as a box of rocks.

Cohen has spent 70 hours testifying to the special counsel and was charged with multiple counts of campaign finance law violations, tax evasion, and bank fraud. Federal prosecutors in New York recommended a “substantial” prison sentence for the attorney this week, a sign that many legal experts believe means Cohen either lied to prosecutors or failed to offer them anything meaningful on Trump.

“I still don’t think he has any evidence of wrongdoing by the president,” Stone guessed. “He wasn’t involved in the campaign. He wasn’t involved in the White House. I mean, I think at this point he’s composing.”

Stone also argued that Cohen is “flipping” on Trump as the president has refused to pay for his legal fees.

“He’s flipping because he’s angry that the Trump family has not helped him with his enormous legal expenses, but he hired a law firm and he paid them $5 million to read all of his emails and review what they meant,” Stone explained. “I mean, I have 1 million emails too, but I’m not paying anybody $5 million to read them.”

Under the bus

Stone next focused his rage on Sam Nunberg, a former political aide for Trump who is scheduled to appear before the Senate Intelligence Committee in January to answer questions regarding Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Nunberg, who has referred to Stone in the past as his “mentor,” is expected to answer questions regarding their relationship.

“Nunberg has a very hard time distinguishing between this [pointing to his behind] and this [pointing to his elbow]. He knows nothing. He enjoys his notoriety but he knows nothing,” Stone said.

Stone was asked if he was afraid of what Nunberg might tell the committee, but the Republican consultant called the interview “an entire waste of time.”

“He knows nothing — nothing,” Stone insisted. “There is no communications with WikiLeaks. I received no documents from WikiLeaks. Sam Nunberg cannot honestly say otherwise because he knows better. I think he knows better.”

Stone continued: “He’s [Steve] Bannon’s boy — maybe they should ask him about Cambridge Analytica and what those guys were doing.”

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Finally, Stone touched on his own involvement in the special counsel’s investigation. Mueller’s team is allegedly looking into a series of late-night phone calls during the 2016 campaign between Stone and Trump, and the Examiner asked if any of these calls would “raise red flags” among the special counsel.

“None whatsoever. First of all, on those occasions where the president calls you, he does most of the talking, you do most of the listening,” he said. “It has always been my policy for 3 years now not to discuss the content of those phone calls other than I can say definitively we never discussed WikiLeaks or the WikiLeaks disclosures.”

Keeping his distance

When asked if he and Trump have spoken about legal strategy recently, Stone answered: “I have not. I have not spoken to the president in some time. He’s under federal investigation, as you know. It’s a joke.

“My lawyers have urged me not to speak to him,” he went on. “I’m certain his lawyers have urged him to say the same thing. I think his sentiments were made in that tweet, however. I’m very proud of it.”

Trump has publicly complimented his friend in recent days for refusing to bow to pressure from the special counsel. The president praised Stone, who insisted that he has never broken the law — not in 2016 or any other time, for having “guts.” 

“It’s still entirely possible that I could be framed,” Stone said, “but I have broken no law in connection with the 2016 election or anything else.”

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