Mueller report included selectively edited voice transcript to cast doubt on Trump

We finally have proof Robert Mueller was working for the Dems rather than trying to find out the truth.

It was recently revealed that Mueller’s report included a carefully edited a transcript of a phone call involving a Trump attorney to make the case for obstruction of justice, in what appears to be a gross misrepresentation, if not actual perjury.

Barr Vindicated

Attorney General William Barr has recently been on the hot seat with Democrat party leadership.

They believe he misinterpreted the Mueller report to purposely mislead Americans.

New information has come to light that not only vindicates Barr but also proves Mueller conducted the report with nefarious purposes in mind.

Omitting the Truth

The focal point here is a transcript of a phone call between John Dowd, who at the time was representing Trump, and an attorney for General Michael Flynn.

The portion of the transcript that was included in the report makes it appear as though Dowd is working on behalf of the President to prevent incriminating evidence from being released.

However, when the full transcript was discovered, it showed Mueller omitted extensive content from the phone call that proved that was not the case.

Dowd stated: “I had an obligation as counsel to the President to find out what’s going on. I’m so glad that they released the transcript because we now know the truth. Isn’t it ironic that this man who kept indicting people for process crimes, submitted a false statement in his own report by taking out half my words?”

This is the type of thing that has Barr scratching his head in regard to the legal analysis by the Mueller team. It is now very clear Mueller never expected anyone to check his work.

Furthermore, Mueller’s press conference was worded specifically to give Dems more of a reason to continue to go after Trump for obstruction. Keep in mind, this information comes out after the discovery that James Comey excluded exculpatory information from his FISA warrants.

Now, not only is the media cherry picking quotes to make a case against Trump, but our own Justice Department is doing the same thing! Barr needs to investigate this and drop the hammer on everyone involved to ensure a fiasco such as this never happens again.

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