MTG strong contender to be Trump’s running mate in 2024

Firebrand Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has emerged as a serious contender to be Donald Trump’s 2024 running mate.

According to New York Times Magazine journalist Robert Draper, “Trump has toyed with the idea of selecting Greene to join his ticket since February of this year.” Draper made that comment during a podcast interview with the Daily Beast.

Draper pointed out that MTG may be shooting to the top of Trump’s list thanks to her unrelenting support and loyalty to Trump even as dozens of other Republicans turned on him.

Trump looking for loyalty

Ever since Trump left the Oval Office, dozens of former Trump administration officials and Republicans have turned on him for notoriety and fame.

Worst of all was former Vice President Mike Pence coming out and legitimizing the left’s attacks on Trump over his handling of the 2020 presidential election.

Pence was Trump’s right-hand man, and when he turned around and stabbed Trump in the back, it shocked both Trump and Republican voters.

Draper continued by saying, “He has every reason to expect that Greene would be by his side and would be his proximate warrior.”

During an interview, Greene told Draper that she would be “honored” to serve as Trump’s running mate but warned that the Republican National Committee would never allow it to happen.

Greene put it bluntly, saying, “I think the last person that the RNC or the national party wants is me as his running mate.”

Trump must choose correctly

If Trump does run for President in 2024, he will have to ensure he doesn’t repeat the mistake from his first term. Trump’s biggest weakness was picking the right people to put around him, and that weakness undermined his entire presidency.

Choosing Greene as his running mate ensures that he has someone he can rely on, but she carries significant risks.

The Republican establishment despises Greene, and her name is well-known and could help Democrats motivate voters to come out and vote. While there is still a long time to go before 2024, Trump’s relationship with Greene will be worth keeping an eye on.

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