MTG rips eight Republicans for blocking Mayorkas impeachment

November 20, 2023
Matthew Boose

Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.) is laying into her fellow Republicans in Congress after eight members blocked her plan to impeach Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas.

Greene blasted the "absolutely outrageous" vote as evidence that the GOP isn't serious about tackling Biden's border crisis. 

Mayorkas is currently facing an investigation in the Homeland Security Committee, but Greene questioned the need for further probing as the death toll from fentanyl continues to rise.

"We have had hearing after hearing, listening to parents cry over their children murdered by fentanyl. We are wondering how many dead American bodies are going to have to pile up before Republicans get serious about impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas," she told Fox News Sunday.

MTG rips Republicans

Eight Republicans voted with Democrats last week to send Greene's impeachment resolution to the Homeland Security Committee, effectively tabling it.

The eight Republicans are Reps. Ken Buck (R-Co.), Darrell Issa (Ca.), Tom McClintock (Ca.), Patrick McHenry (R-Nc.), John Duarte (R-Ca.), Virginia Foxx (R-Nc.), Cliff Bentz (R-Or.), and Mike Turner (R-Oh.).

Some said they just weren't convinced that Mayorkas merits impeachment, despite his catastrophic handling of the southern border, while others argued that Greene's push was hasty and went against "regular order."

Greene blasted the process arguments as hypocritical, noting that her impeachment articles have been "collecting dust" in the House Judiciary Committee. Four of the eight Republicans who voted to block the Mayorkas impeachment serve on the Judiciary Committee, Greene said.

"They were claiming they wanted the committee process, but they're not bringing the committee process when the articles of impeachment are sitting there not moving through committee," she said.

"The invasion must stop"

Greene pledged to make another attempt to impeach Mayorkas after the Thanksgiving break.

"This time, the Republicans in Congress better deliver better results. Mayorkas must be impeached and the invasion must stop," she said.

Mayorkas has long maintained that the border is "secure," even as illegal immigration has reached all-time highs. Unlawful crossings hit 270,000 in September, a record, while fentanyl from Mexico has fueled a public health crisis that is costing 100,000 Americans their lives every year.

Greene, who sits on the Homeland Security committee, confronted Mayorkas during a hearing last week over the killings of two of her constituents in a car crash caused by a human smuggler at the border.

“I want you to know you have a short time coming,” she said. “You can honorably resign or we are going to impeach you and it’s happening very, very soon.”

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