MSNBC’s Claire McCaskill claims Trump impeachment necessary for preservation of rule of law

MSNBC contributor Claire McCaskill claimed that former President Donald Trump must be indicted as he poses a “risk” to the United States.

McCaskill made the insane claims during Tuesday’s coverage of the House Select Committee’s January 6 hearings. McCaskill, along with much of the mainstream media, believes that Trump is a threat to the United States. 

McCaskill began her rant saying, “There is a concept in the law called willful ignorance or willful blindness. That’s not a defense in the law. You can’t ignore the facts and then claim because you ignored them somehow, you’re not guilty.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome

Democrats have been screaming for Trump’s head ever since the January 6th protest that saw protestors enter the Capitol.

Despite years of investigation, Democrats have yet to pin anything criminal  on Trump. Over time, it has emerged that other actors may have been responsible for the protest getting out of control.

That didn’t stop McCaskill from claiming that “In fact, to do something that is the most serious crime, I believe, that can be committed in this country, and that is to steal a presidential election. So I really think there’s enough evidence here to indict. Now, will he be convicted? I don’t know, but the risk of not indicting is so grave in this country in terms of respect and accountability under the rule of law.”

Democrats have refused to acknowledge the real concerns that Trump had about the 2020 presidential election and instead insisted that he was determined to steal an election.

The irony of those claims is that Trump himself was alleging that Democrats had stolen the election. Furthermore, Trump’s claims mirror those made by Democrats in every recent election that hasn’t gone in their favor.

McCaskill’s TDS shone brightest as she concluded saying “I just think it is a big risk to not do it. There may be jury nullification. There might be somebody on the jury that is a Trump supporter, and they refuse to convict, but I think that’s a risk that we have to take under the laws of this country.”

Liberals are desperate

The radical leftists in the Democrat Party are desperate for anything to take Trump down, but as each day passes, it becomes clear that they have nothing.

For all the blustering of the January 6th. Committee, nothing significant has been brought forward. All of that has only fed the desperation of the left as they have been whipped into a frenzy by the mainstream media.

If anything, Donald Trump’s stock is on the rise as Americans have grown fatigued with the left’s campaign against him. The left is desperate to knock Trump out ahead of 2024, but they may be inadvertently boosting his political stock.

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