MSNBC pundit says there could be 'high-level resignations' around Biden after terrible week

By Jen Krausz on
 July 8, 2024

MSNBC guest and former New York Times Magazine’s chief national correspondent Mark Leibovich suggested during an appearance on "Inside With Jen Psaki" that there could be "high-level resignations" around President Joe Biden coming soon after he bombed the CNN debate against former President Donald Trump and doubled down with several more press appearances that made him look feeble and confused.

Biden has had a low number of appearances of any kind lately, and they all seem to be going badly for him. Leibovich thought that might give aides pause and make them think about abandoning ship.

“Joe Biden has given very, very few opportunities to be seen, and I think that — another thing I would point out in the next coming days as we go into the week — is not so much Capitol Hill, but I mean, there could be some pretty high level resignations around Biden, whether on the campaign or maybe in the White House or the administration or something,” he said.

Walls closing in

“I mean, that quote in the New York Times piece that you alluded to, and again, people like us look closely at the criminology of this,” he continued. “But … this is … the walls seem to be coming in very closely, and I think after the debate he had one really good thing going for him, which was time. He seems to have wasted almost two weeks at this point.”

Pressure has begun from some Democrats for Biden to step down and be replaced, but so far Biden has held firm and said he's staying in the race.

While it could be a relatively easy process to replace Biden if he agrees to step down in the next few datys, it will be extremely difficult to force him out against his will.

This is because he won enough votes in the primaries to become the nominee, so it would look like Democrats were ignoring the will of the people if they removed him and installed a different candidate.

What should happen?

For her part, former press secretary Psaki said she wasn't sure exactly what should happen with Biden at this point.

“The questions I’m getting the most are: What’s going to happen? And what is the best path forward? I won’t tell you I know the answer to either question. No one does,” she said.

The most logical replacement for Biden would be Vice President Kamala Harris, but she's even less likely to win than he is according to current polling.

Democrats would have a conniption if party leadership threw aside a Black woman candidate in favor of someone else--no matter how bad that Black woman candidate is.

It's so satisfying to see the Democrat Party between a rock and a hard place because of their own ridiculous adherence to political correctness and equity politics.

It would be great if they dump Biden and run with Harris--great for America to be back in Republican hands again before she is too far gone to save.

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