Hand-wringing MSNBC op-ed warns of America’s ‘infatuation’ with guns

An op-ed from MSNBC contributor Barbara McQuade called America’s attitude toward guns an “infatuation” and a “national security threat” and posited that if the Supreme Court strikes down a New York concealed carry restriction, it could make the situation even worse.

Supreme Court justices seemed skeptical of the New York law, which only allowed concealed carry licenses to be given if there was a specific threat or reason why someone needed to have one.

Certainly, it doesn’t seem to give people equal treatment under the Second Amendment and gives bureaucrats the ability to decide who is allowed to “bear arms” in public and who is not.

Concealed weapons dangerous?

McQuade, who signed onto an amicus brief arguing against striking down the law, proceeded to do the written equivalent of wringing her hands over the dangers of law-abiding citizens having concealed guns.

In her article for MSNBC, she gave statistics about mass shootings, which occur rarely and don’t represent 99.9% of gun ownership in the country. She also worried that terrorists would get their hands on guns.

“When even a former ISIS operative refers to America’s gun laws as ‘dumb,’ we don’t need to make them more permissive,” she opined.

Of course, to call gun ownership a national security threat just defies all reason. Liberals persist in focusing on the extremely small number of mass shootings that take place in the U.S. rather than the tens or hundreds of millions of gun owners that follow the law and use their guns responsibly.

Gun deaths relatively rare

The Washington Post reported that 20,000 people died of gun violence in 2020, which is about 1 in 20,000 U.S. residents. By comparison, JAMA reported that around 345,000 deaths in the U.S. in 2020 were attributed to COVID-19, and nearly 599,000 people died of cancer that year.

Heart disease killed another 690,000 people in 2020. Maybe if liberals want to go after a dangerous thing in U.S. society, they should look at McDonald’s rather than gun ownership.

The reality is that there are many more serious threats to Americans than guns, but liberals don’t want to put gun violence in perspective because it would expose their real agenda.

Liberals don’t like guns and gun ownership because they are intrinsically linked to freedom, and are a threat to total control of the populace by the government.

As for the Supreme Court, it seems that they may be done allowing the left — or anyone — to restrict the Second Amendment and put the gun ownership the Founding Fathers deemed necessary for the survival of the republic at risk. It’s about time.

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