‘They all said yes’: MSNBC host appears surprised when panel of doctors agree kids belong in school

As experts debate whether the nation’s students should return to school in the fall amid a continuing public health crisis, President Donald Trump has made it clear that he wants to see classrooms filled. And he’s not the only one.

In a recent MSNBC segment, host Craig Melvin received a surprising reply from the five pediatricians involved, who unanimously indicated that the would send their children back to school “without hesitation,” as Breitbart reported.

“Random sampling of doctors”

Melvin discussed the topic with NBC medical correspondent Dr. John Torres, who spoke to a “random sampling of doctors” practicing pediatric medicine in locations across the U.S.

“Our experts agree most children don’t get as sick as adults and that serious complications are rare,” Torres said, according to Breitbart. “In fact, kids only account for 2% of all cases. Doctors say they don’t expect that number to significantly increase when schools open because kids don’t appear to be good at spreading the virus.”

He acknowledged that “many teachers are concerned” about the ramifications of reopening schools, but said “the five doctors we spoke to agree the benefits of being in the classroom far outweigh the risk of the disease.”

Part of a safe reopening, Torres noted, includes social distancing, arranging desks so students are not facing each other, and outdoor gym classes.

“It’s a terrible decision”

The segment ended when he asked the five pediatricians for their opinions, prompting each to say they would send their children to school with little or no equivocation.

“They all said yes,” Melvin responded after a brief pause.

Trump, for his part, has accused schools of making a mistake for opting against in-person education following the summer break and has threatened to withhold federal funds from those districts that do so, according to a report from CBS News. In response to a question from CBS’s Catherine Herridge this week, the president said failing to reopen this fall would be “a terrible decision.”

“Because children and parents are dying from that trauma, too. They’re dying because they can’t do what they’re doing,” Trump said, according to CBS. “Mothers can’t go to work because all of a sudden they have to stay home and watch their child, and fathers.”

As much as it might pain Trump’s many critics, it appears that pediatricians are largely in agreement.

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