MSNBC, CNN cut away when Rittenhouse’s attorneys started closing arguments

An overwhelming number of talking heads in the mainstream media have worked tirelessly to paint Kyle Rittenhouse as a racist, wanna-be cop who went on a killing spree last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin, which matches with the arguments that the state prosecutors laid out in the case.

But even more disgusting is that according to Fox News, a number of liberal media outlets went as far as completely censoring — by not airing — critical parts of the trial, including the defense’s closing arguments, in a clear attempt to ensure that their viewers aren’t made aware of the most important details of the case that many believe clearly exonerate the Illinois teenager. 

After the prosecutors in the case concluded their closing arguments on Monday, in which they insisted that Rittenhouse intended to kill people the night of the Kenosha riots, MSNBC immediately cut away before Rittenhouse’s defense attorneys began their closing arguments.

In addition, CNN, after airing the trial as most other outlets did — all day — the network punted on the defense’s closing arguments and, instead, covered President Joe Biden’s bill signing ceremony. The network eventually returned to coverage over an hour later, when the defense was nearly finished.

MSNBC defames Rittenhouse

If there’s one common agreement among those who believe Rittenhouse is innocent — at least of the most serious charges he faces — it’s that he’ll likely soon be a multi-millionaire after expected defamation lawsuits against a number of outlets.

MSNBC should probably begin preparing their defense arguments for such lawsuits, as a number of hosts and guests on the network have repeatedly — and falsely — smeared Rittenhouse as a racist, white supremacist teenager.

Going further, at least one person on the liberal clown network suggested Rittenhouse is a “domestic terrorist.” Another labeled the teenager as “the enemy,” and yet another compared Rittenhouse’s actions to those of a school shooter.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, host of the pitifully-rated Morning Joe program, claimed that Rittenhouse was “just running around shooting and killing protesters,” which again, is a blatant lie that will likely only add to the multi-million-dollar settlement the network will hopefully eventually payout to Rittenhouse.

“What a dark, dystopian scene where a 17-year-old boy is carrying around a rifle running around and gunning down protesters,” Scarborough said, somehow with a straight face.

Mom speaks out

Wendy Rittenhouse, Kyle’s mother, recently interviewed with Fox News’ Sean Hannity and made clear that her son’s fate is in the hands of the jury, and most definitely not in the hands of the mainstream media, celebrities like LeBron James, or the president.

“It’s in the hands of the jury, and watching them, they’ve been taking notes, listening to the truth, and I hope they take that into what the outcome is going to be – not from the media, not from the president of the United States, not from celebrities, not from athletes: It’s about the truth,” Wendy Rittenhouse said.

As far as defamation suits, it sounds like her lawyers are already looking strongly at such a scenario. “Our lawyers are gonna handle that,” Wendy said, when asked about the possibility.

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