MSN posits Barron Trump looking more and more like his father

By Jen Krausz on
 February 7, 2024

MSN posted a 30-photo retrospective of Barron Trump, the youngest son of former President Donald Trump and only child of Melania Trump, Donald's third wife, to show that the older he gets, the more he looks like a younger, taller and leaner version of his father.

I guess some people have speculated that Barron wasn't Trump's biological child, but that makes very little sense when you look at the two of them together at any age.

Barron has always had the same orangey reddish hair color that his father does, and both are tall and solidly built with similar facial features.

Trump, now 77, was 60 years old when Barron was born, but there is really no upper limit to mens' fertility if they are otherwise healthy individuals.

Out of the spotlight

Melania is significantly younger than her husband; at age 53 now, she would have been 36 when Barron came along.

The Trumps have kept Barron out of the spotlight over the years; while photos of him have appeared online, very little personal information has been given about him.

Currently, he is a senior in high school at the private Oxbridge School near Mar-A-Lago, and he will turn 18 next month. He is quite a bit taller than his father at six feet seven inches, and his father has described him as athletic (though it is not known if he currently plays any sports).

Trump said in an interview that Barron is a "great student," but nothing is publicly known about his GPA or SAT scores or anything else a college would consider.

Trump has said that Barron is looking at colleges, but no decision has yet been made public. It's not unusual for high school seniors to still be applying to colleges and awaiting acceptances so they can made a decision, however.

Will it be Wharton?

Trump attended the Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania, and all of his children except Eric Trump also attended there.

I'm sure Trump would like Barron to attend his alma mater, but we know who wears the pants in the Trump household where Barron is concerned, so we will see what Melania has decided or allowed Barron to decide about his future.

While the University of Pennsylvania is considered an Ivy League school, it is also the subject of controversy since the Biden Penn Center that is part of that school had some of President Joe Biden's classified documents discovered there, and questions persist about large contributions from Chinese entities.

Trump may not be interested in having Barron attend there given the controversy, or the fact that the school has sort of  disavowed him in recent years.

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