California high school keeps MS-13 murder hidden for nearly two years

Administrators at a local high school in California kept key information hidden from students and parents in what may be the worst case of misjudgment in recent years.

After a 16-year-old student was set up and brutally murdered by MS-13 gang members, Panorama High School officials kept the details of the crime — as well as the murder itself — hidden from public knowledge for almost two years. 

The Murder

The details of the murder are horrific. Two female students with alleged ties to MS-13 gained the confidence of Brayan Andino.

They then lured him to a lake, where Andino was beaten to death by several members of a local clique affiliated with MS-13. After Andino died, the gang members dismembered his body, cut out his heart, and discarded the body in a nearby canyon, where it laid for several months before being found by authorities.

When the body was found and as the investigation was taking place, school authorities reportedly never notified parents or students as to what actually happened.

In fact, according to the report, the school took the opposite stance, saying that MS-13 — which has a large presence in the U.S. despite President Donald Trump’s attempts to work with Nancy Pelosi and find a solution to the current immigration crisis — had little to no presence at the school and nobody was in danger.

Prior Incident

Only a month before Andino was killed, another violent incident occurred that was linked to MS-13. In that incident, which reportedly occurred at the edge of the school’s campus, a student was stabbed by several MS-13 gang members, including former Panorama High School students.

Members of the gang reportedly challenged the student’s gang affiliation, to which he answered that he did not belong to any gang. Still, he was stabbed multiple times and eventually managed to get away and go to the school office for help.

This particular student was enrolled at an alternative program for Cal Burke High School that was being held at the Panorama High School campus.

School officials defended the decision to keep everything quiet by stating they did not want students putting themselves at risk by saying something stupid that would make them a target of the gang.

Finally, this past Monday, nearly two years after Andino’s murder, school officials acknowledged the death of Andino via emails and phone calls to parents.

The school also announced it will be offering grief counseling and gang intervention services as well as parenting support for those that need it.

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