Two MS-13 gang members charged in 2016 murder of New York teen

2020 hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) doesn’t believe in the dangers of an unsecured U.S.-Mexico border. Accordingly, she neither sees the need for border walls nor the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. And yet, crime continues.

On Friday, New York prosecutors charged two illegally present MS-13 gang members with the 2016 murder of a New York teen. Both were initially in custody on unrelated charges, thanks to ICE.

The Crime

Assistant District Attorney Kathleen Kearon alleged in Suffolk County Court on Friday that Elmer Gilberto Santos Contreras and Anthony Gutierrez Meza, both 23, are responsible for the brutal killing of 18-year-old Estiven Abrego Gomez.

Gomez’s body was found at a Little League baseball complex next to a concession stand in August 2016. According to prosecutors, it was mutilated beyond recognition. “Both of the victim’s hands were essentially severed,” said Kearon.

Contreras is an illegal alien from El Salvador. Both defendants were previously held by ICE agents on unrelated charges, and in 2017 Contreras pleaded guilty to sexual battery.

“This is a dangerous homicidal sociopath that we are not simply going to let walk out the door, go back to El Salvador and potentially illegally re-enter the United States,” said Suffolk District Attorney Timothy Sini.


At this point, it is not exactly clear which defendant, or if perhaps both, carried out the killing.

Contreras has signed a written statement saying that he ordered Gomez’ death after seeing him flashing¬†rival gang signs on social media. But Contreras’ attorney maintains that his client has no idea what the statement, written in English, said, and had nothing to do with the death.

Contreras, accordingly, pleaded “not guilty” to second-degree murder on Friday. Meza is currently waiting to be extradited to Suffolk County so that he can be arraigned.

“A good day for Greenland”

Following the arraignment, DA Sini praised police efforts cracking down on MS-13. “We have MS-13 on the run,” he said. “We’re not going to take our foot off the gas. Our goal is to eradicate them from our communities.”

Indeed, this is a goal that is shared by President Donald Trump. Trump has made the transnational MS-13 gang a prime target of his presidency, a task which falls heavily on ICE.

Nonetheless, Democrats, such as Sen. Harris, continue to deny this danger, denying that a wall is needed and denying that ICE is needed. Meanwhile, stories such as the above are a dime a dozen. And so, it is important to remember that in the 2020 election, a significant part of your vote will be for the safety of our country.

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