Movie about reality of biological sex gets shut down

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A documentary about the reality of biological sex has been shut down at a university because leftist activists posed “safety concerns” by preventing those who wanted to see the project from reaching the hall where it was being shown.

The Christian Institute reported that the screening of “Adult Human Female,” by filmmakers Dierdre O’Neill and Mike Wayne, was canceled by officials at the University of Edinburgh.

It was to be shown at a lecture hall in George Square but was canceled when “students” protesting the facts in the documentary “prevented attendees from accessing the hall or an alternative venue,” the report said.

The University of Edinburgh Academics for Academic Freedom set up the screening, and called the cancellation a “temporary victory for censorious bullies.”

It is supposed to be rescheduled, the institute reported.

Claire Coutinho MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Education, warned the result was evidence of a “growing creep of self-censorship” in education.

“Free speech has been the bedrock of progress in our society for centuries. Without the freedom to speak, to express our opinions, we cannot progress. However, that right is under threat in the very institutions where it should be the most treasured. It is vital that we take active steps to protect it now and for future generations,” she said.

According to a report from the BBC, the protesters formed a blockade to prevent people from seeing the movie, and while police were summoned, there were no arrests.

The school’s “LGBT+ Pride Society” condemned the ideas portrayed in the project, and demanded that it be stopped.

Activists claimed the project was part of “transphobia on campus” and they said that would simply not allow those ideas to be presented.

The school, in an announcement, said, “In line with our commitment to fostering an inclusive, supportive and safe environment for our whole community, we put measures in place to mitigate any risks associated with the event. However, when it became clear that safety could no longer be guaranteed for all present it was decided that the event should not continue.”

The BBC noted new legislation to make it easy for people in Scotland to “change” their gender was being considered, but they are just reruns of plans that were shelved previously, “in the face of opposition from some senior SNP politicians and high-profile figures such as author JK Rowling.”

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