Rep. Greene moves forward with articles of impeachment against Biden

Impeachment was once viewed as a near-sacred and sparsely used tool reserved by Congress for only the most serious offenses, but after House Democrats used it twice against President Donald Trump in not even as many years, it’s turned into a partisan weapon — and now, the GOP is showing it’s willing to play dirty, too.

Just days into his new administration, President Joe Biden is facing articles of impeachment introduced by Trump-supporting freshman Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

According to the Washington Examiner, the measure isn’t likely to even be considered on the House floor — but that didn’t stop Greene from giving it a try, anyway.

The Georgia Republican had vowed to file for Biden’s impeachment even before he swore in, and on Thursday, she followed through, telling the Examiner that the text of her charge would be released “shortly.”

“Pattern of abuse of power”

Greene also announced the move in a tweet posted Thursday.

In a subsequent statement, Greene asserted that Biden is “unfit to hold the office of the Presidency.”

“His pattern of abuse of power as President Obama’s Vice President is lengthy and disturbing. President Biden has demonstrated that he will do whatever it takes to bail out his son, Hunter, and line his family’s pockets with cash from corrupt foreign energy companies,” she said.

“President Biden is even on tape admitting to a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian government threatening to withhold $1,000,000,000 in foreign aid if they did not do his bidding,” Greene added. “President Biden residing in the White House is a threat to national security and he must be immediately impeached.”

“Clear and compelling”

The statement from Greene went on to provide what she called “vast and detailed” reasons why Biden should be impeached and removed from office immediately.

He was accused of “enabling bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors, by allowing his son to influence the domestic policy of a foreign nation and accept various benefits — including financial compensation — from foreign nationals in exchange for certain favors.”

Greene also alleged that “[t]he evidence of widespread knowledge, corruption, and collusion on behalf of the Biden family with foreign nationals is clear and compelling.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely Congress will ever get to hear any of it.

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