Movement surges to ditch American Library Association

July 21, 2023
World Net Daily

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A movement for state groups to "ditch" the American Library Association over its leadership by a "Marxist" is surging, according to a report at The Federalist.

Already, the Montana State Library Commission has left the organization, and now other states are joining the movement.

Libraries across the nation have been under fire in recent years for their promotion of LGBT ideologies. Officials in those institutions have insisted on using public money to buy and display sexually explicit – and often offensive – material to the public.

They've repeatedly condemned parents worried about having their children exposed to X-rated material as censors and bigots. They've even been accused of interfering with legitimate promotions of children's books on their premises.

Now the ALA itself "has come under fire from conservative lawmakers after the association’s election of a far-left activist to lead the organization," The Federalist reported.

It is Emily Drabinski, the new president of the ALA, who had celebrated her election as a "Marxist lesbian who believes that collective power is possible to build and can be wielded for a better world."

Montana officials decided that was enough and left.

The report explains how "three more chapters of conservative state Freedom Caucuses, including Arizona, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania, endorsed the Montana State Library Commission’s move this month to sever ties with the ALA and encouraged their own libraries to do the same."

The report also noted a lawmaker in Texas called on his state’s Library and Archives Commission to follow suit.

Further, a dozen lawmakers in the Idaho legislature called on the state’s library commission to part ways with the ALA.

"We have significant concerns about the election of Emily Drabinski, a self-described 'Marxist-lesbian,' as the next president of the ALA," they wrote, according to the report.

"Her election raises issues about libraries’ involvement in exposing children to explicit materials and injecting hard-left politics and sexuality into publicly funded libraries."

The Federalist noted that just weeks ago, The Daily Signal documented librarians' concerns about 13 books the ALA recommends for teens under "freedom to read."

But the books all contain "sexually explicit material, some of which is pornographic," the report said.

Lawmakers in Wyoming, Georgia, and Mississippi also are joining the movement.

"We join other state Freedom Caucuses and call on the [South Carolina] Library Association to leave the NLA," wrote the South Carolina Freedom Caucus on Twitter. "It’s time to stop using taxpayer money to fund Marxist organizations corrupting our kids."

"Texas should fight Marxist ideology, not subsidize it," Texas Rep. Brian Harrison said, The Federalist documented.

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