Move over American flag. Now U.S. troops salute 'rainbow flag'

June 7, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

The United States Air Force is celebrating LGBT "pride month" with a serviceman 'saluting' the activist homosexual-bisexual-transgender-"queer" "rainbow" flag.

The Air Force published a tweet Wednesday reading: "June is #PrideMonth! The Department of the Air Force proudly recognizes and celebrates generations of LGBTQI+ service members and their contributions to our #AirForce & #SpaceForce."

Tweeted Mike Garcia: "As an AF veteran, this is pathetic & embarrassing. You should focus on winning wars & not social or political issues. Disgusting."

The tweet is part of an unprecedented official U.S. military campaign to celebrate LGBT pride as part of Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden's overall leftist "diversity" formula.

As WND reported Tuesday, the Pentagon has chosen to honor a radical homosexual activist, Harvey Milk, as the symbol of this year's "pride" activities. Milk, who was molested by homosexual predators when he was a young teenage boy, went on to enter into a live-in sexual relationship with a 16- or 17-year-old boy when he was in his thirties.

Conservatives immediately reacted with disdain at the meme, in which the shadowed figure is saluting a flag that appears to be a combination of the original "gay" and "transgender" pride flags.

Several people tweeted in response to the message that they will discourage their children from signing up to serve in this military, seemingly confirming widespread criticism that Biden's "woke" Pentagon policies are tied to sagging recruitment efforts.

"I'm so old, I remember when our military only saluted the American Flag ... not a flag celebrating all the things people have sex with," tweeted talk show host Tim Young, who often subs for some of the top conservative talkers.

John Burk tweeted in response: "More proof that the military has put their main focus on corporate agendas to appease the progressive crowd. Their recruitment numbers are plummeting and this is the main reason. So rather than simply focus on warfighting and the like, they continue down this path that is destroying them. Sad state of affairs for the military."

In 2021, President Biden overturned a Trump policy and gave blanket approval for U.S. Embassies abroad to fly the "rainbow flag" to celebrate LGBT "pride."

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