Mother of ISIS victim: Daughter may have lived had Obama been ‘as decisive’ as Trump

The man at the top of the brutal terrorist Islamic State group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was killed Saturday night by U.S. Special Operations forces in a secret raid ordered by President Donald Trump, according to The New York Times.

Now, the parents of Kayla Mueller, an American woman who was captured and killed by the Islamic State leader, have spoken out in support of what Trump did to avenge their daughter’s death, suggesting that their daughter might still be alive today if former President Barack Obama had been more willing to take such “decisive” action against evil-doers, according to The Hill.

Obama’s inaction

In an interview with the Arizona Republic, Carl and Marsha Mueller expressed their immense gratitude toward Trump for taking action against al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State group leader who is believed to have raped and killed their daughter after she was taken captive.

“We are so grateful for them… We are so grateful,” Marsha Mueller said of Trump and the Special Ops troops that conducted the raid in northern Syria to kill the terrorist leader.

“I still say Kayla should be here, and if Obama had been as decisive as President Trump, maybe she would have been,” the still-grieving mother continued.

“For me what matters most I’m hoping now we will finally get the answers we have been asking for all along,” she added. “I think this administration truly might help us. I don’t think they are as closed about what happened.”

Parental agony

Kayla Mueller was an international aid worker taken hostage by Islamic State terrorists in 2013 while visiting a hospital in Syria during that nation’s ongoing civil war and while the terror army was on the rise in the region. Mueller was one of several Americans taken captive and eventually killed by the brutal jihadists.

Mueller was held captive for about 18 months before she was killed, and during that time she was reportedly raped and tortured by al-Baghdadi himself, who forced her to become one of his wives. The Muellers were forced by U.S. authorities at the time to keep their daughter’s captivity secret and were prohibited from taking any action themselves to rescue her, including paying ransom for her release.

“What this man did to Kayla — he kidnapped her,” Carl Mueller said of al-Baghdadi. “She was held in many prisons. She was held in solitary confinement. She was tortured. She was intimidated. She was ultimately raped by al-Baghdadi himself.”

“He either killed her or he was complicit in her murder,” he added. “I’ll let people who read this article make up their own mind how a parent should feel.”

Gratitude for Trump

With regard to President Trump and his daughter — whom Trump mentioned more than once in his remarks Sunday morning about the successful raid — Mueller said: “He knows her story. He’s been briefed on it, and he knows, and that’s important to me… I don’t think anything would have stopped him from getting this guy.”

This mother and father will undoubtedly always mourn their daughter’s horrific captivity and death, and they will also always question what might have been if the Obama administration had made an earnest effort to save her. But at the very least, they now have some semblance of closure and are thankful that President Trump has, in a way, taken concrete action to avenge her unfortunate demise.

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