Mother kills her two toddlers, attempts suicide in Chicago

Two brothers who were 2-years-old and 7-months-old were killed by their mother in Chicago on Thursday, the New York Post reported.

According to the police, the tragic incident in the early hours of Jan. 2 will go down as a double murder, attempted murder, and attempted suicide all rolled into one heartbreaking occurrence.

Double murder

WGN-TV reported that police arrived at a high-rise apartment building in Chicago around 2 a.m. Thursday morning and found 20-year-old Aleah Newell and her 7-month-old son Amir lying on the ground outside of the building.

The officers were quickly directed up to an 11th-floor apartment where they discovered a 70-year-old man, Cordell Walker, with cuts to his face and body, as well as Newell’s 2-year-old son Johntavis in a scalding hot bathtub with cuts to his face and blisters on his body.

Authorities concluded that Newell had repeatedly stabbed Walker, who is reportedly her grandfather, prior to killing Johntavis and then throwing Amir out the window before jumping out of the apartment herself.

Security camera footage confirmed that Amir was thrown to his death prior to Newell’s jump, and it is believed that she hit something on the way down that broke the velocity of her fall, resulting in her survival.

Both boys were rushed to Comer Children’s Hospital, where they were ultimately pronounced dead.

Newell and Walker were also rushed to a hospital, the University of Chicago Medical Center, where they are both seriously injured but alive.

According to members of Newell’s family, she reportedly took some unspecified pills prior to killing her boys and attempting to kill Walker and herself. Furthermore, this isn’t the first fatal tragedy for the family, as Newell’s brother reportedly killed himself in 2017.

Reportedly sought help from Salvation Army

Unfortunately, women at the Salvation Army-run Shield of Hope Shelter reported that Newell and her boys had come by the shelter and begged for help just days earlier. Newell told the people there that she was incapable of caring for the boys by herself and desperately needed assistance.

However, it is unclear what help Newell was offered at the shelter, and the Salvation Army, citing client confidentiality, has declined to provide specifics or even confirm or deny that Newell had sought to utilize the shelter’s services.

This is a terribly sad and disturbing story, and all we can do is offer up prayers of support for the family and friends of Newell and the young boys whose lives were so tragically cut short.

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