Mother and daughter charged for murdering 5 family members in Pennsylvania

The alleged culprits in a horrific murder scene in Bucks County have finally been identified.

Shana Decree, 45, and her daughter Dominique, 19, have been charged for killing five family members.

Family Massacre

So far, Shana Decree has been arraigned on five counts of murder and one count of conspiracy to commit. Dominique is expected to be arraigned on the same charges very soon.

In all, the two allegedly killed five family members, including a 13-year-old boy and 9-year-old twin girls.

Local authorities have stated there are no other suspects in the murders at this time. They also stated it would be several weeks before the actual cause of death is released to the public.

Matthew Weinstraub, the Bucks County District Attorney, stated, “To be able to resolve a case in which five people were murdered within the course of a half a day and have the two people responsible locked up and facing justice is amazing and a true testament to the quality of law enforcement that we enjoy here in Bucks county.”

Gruesome Discovery

Had it not been for Youth Services, these murders could have gone unnoticed for days or even weeks. During a routine welfare check, nobody had answered the door of the home, so the agent left a card.

When they returned later and still received no answer, the agency worker asked a building maintenance worker to check on the family to make sure everyone was okay.

As is generally the protocol, the maintenance worker entered on his own to see if anyone was home. He found both the mother and daughter in bed and disoriented. He also stated the apartment was a mess.

Local police were immediately called and both Shana and her daughter Dominique were taken to the local hospital. When officers first entered the apartment, they too saw the condition of the apartment, which included overturned furniture and broken glass.

The youth services agent informed the officers this was not the condition of the apartment during the last visit, so officers investigated further and found several bodies in another bedroom.

According to the report, the two women in custody have separately acknowledged their roles in the murders.

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