Most GOP voters would support Trump if he were imprisoned

August 24, 2023
Ryan Ledendecker

Former President Donald Trump, who was booked at the Fulton County Jail on Thursday as a result of his latest indictment out of Georgia, still doesn't have much to worry about on the campaign front. 

According to the Washington Examiner, a recent survey revealed that most Republicans indicated they'd still vote for Trump even if he were behind bars come election time.

Now facing four indictments -- two federal and two state -- the former president continues to defy the odds while gaining steam in his quest to secure the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

He's leading his closest competitors by double digits, and the rest of the Republican field in his dust.

The survey

A new Morning Consult poll revealed that Trump doesn't have much to worry about as far as losing votes should he actually be convicted and imprisoned on one of the dozens of charges he faces.

The Examiner noted:

Sixty-four percent of Republicans would be "very" or "somewhat" willing to cast their vote for Trump in the primary should he be convicted, Morning Consult found in a poll released Wednesday. That number falls slightly, to 60%, if he is imprisoned and is virtually unchanged for the general election.

Given that many Democrats probably hoped that Trump's campaign would simply die under the weight of the mountain of legal problems, it doesn't appear to be having that effect whatsoever.

Trump has used his indictments in brilliant political fashion, drumming up increased support -- in the form of donations -- from his massive base of supporters, which seems to be strengthening.

Not only is it bad news for Democrats, but also for the long list of GOP opponents vying for position in the polls. As long as Trump stays in the headlines, his giant lead will likely not falter.

Social media reacts

Many on the left, and the anti-Trumpers on the right, believe that indictments alone should disqualify someone from being president, not affording Trump the chance to have a fair trial.

Others on social media seemed to align with the recent polling, vowing to vote for Trump no matter if he's at Mar-a-Lago or behind bars in federal or state prison.

"I'll write his name on the ballot if I have to," one X user wrote, referring to Trump.

Only time will tell if Trump actually does any hard time, but even if he does, he still stands a strong chance of closing the deal in 2024.

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