Most famous 'science' journal: Saying only 2 sexes is 'misinformation'

 April 23, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

"Science" as it once was claimed the earth was flat.

Now "science" says it's "misinformation" to claim that there are two sexes.

It is the Scientific American that has published an explanation about how it's wrong to use "scientific misinformation" to "disenfranchise trans people and other marginalized groups."

The article includes comments from Florence Ashley, law professor, and "Simon(e) Sun," a "scientist."

So why is there no "binary" reality in sex, they are asked.

Sun said, "The error is simply that the gametes are a determining factor of sex—that once you know what gametes a person produces, that’s their sex and nothing about it can change. But biology is a dynamic system where an organism starts in a particular state and grows through life and through development with multiple systems interacting. That is, more precisely, how sex works. Sex essentialism boils all that down to one, immutable characteristic to preclude transness as a biological phenomenon. If you start with a model of sex that is binary, you'll always produce a binary result. And if you insist that it is true, then it is the only answer that you get."

Ashley added, "There's something to be said about the rhetorical tricks here. The people who use ideas about biological sex against trans people are first appealing to the idea of biology as a description of difference, but then they do a jump and use that conception of biology as a form of meaning. The thing is, we organize society around meaning, not difference. Biology at its core can't tell you what matters to human organizations. So there is a fallacy here of looking at the human difference at the biological level, oversimplifying it, and then saying, 'That's what we should organize people around.' We should really be asking what we care about, and then look to see if biology has anything to say about it. If you go through that exercise, then you realize that biology really has very little, if not virtually nothing, to say about things like trans rights."

report at Modernity News, however, that it is just as simple and being male or female.

The report noted SA's piece and its notion that "there are three types of 'misinformation," and they are "oversimplifying scientific knowledge, fabricating and misinterpreting research, and promoting false equivalences."

SA claims, "Many of the arguments against trans rights center on the idea that transness itself is not legitimate—that there are just two sexes, period."


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