‘Most Eligible Bachelor of Malaysia’ killed fighting for ISIS

A once promising young man turned to ISIS… then he died.

That is more or less the story of Amir Milson, who reportedly died while fighting for ISIS.

Before Radicalization

Milson, who was half-Malaysian and half-Australian, had a very bright future in front of him before turning to ISIS.

In 2010, he won Cleo Magazine’s “Most Eligible Bachelor of Malaysia” award.

At the time, he was working as a model with some rather high political aspirations.

He also reportedly attended Perth University in Australia, studying mass communication.

Not long after being named the most eligible bachelor, he tied the knot and started a family.

Then something happened to him.

Getting Radicalized

Radicalization was not something that happened overnight, friends told the media.

The “gradual process” started to show up in his daily life.

By 2014, he was a completely changed man.

He would soon divorce his wife and head to Syria to fight for the cause.

In 2016, his quest would apparently come to an end.

Austrailian authorities recently confirmed that Milson was killed while fighting for ISIS.

A family friend stated, “He was carrying a fighter on his shoulder when he stepped on a land mine. That was it.”

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And, so it ended for a man once described as “friendly” and “outgoing.”

Just more proof you never know where and when this enemy will strike and to what depths they will go to recruit the most unsuspecting of individuals.

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