Poll: Most Americans believe Biden policies have led to inflation

As prices continue to climb in various sectors of the economy, more Americans are beginning to cite inflation as among their top concerns.

A new poll finds that a majority of Americans blame the Biden administration’s policies, at least in part, for the troubling economic trend. Morning Consult and Politico conducted the survey of registered voters between Friday and Monday and the results come with a two-percentage-point margin of error.

Divided along party lines

According to The Hill, pollsters found that nearly 6 in 10 Americans believe the policies President Joe Biden has implemented since his inauguration were either “very responsible” or “somewhat responsible” for elevated inflation.

Another 28% of respondents said that Biden’s policies were either “not too responsible” or “not responsible at all.”

A separate question focused on another potential factor, with 53% blaming inflation on “American’s returning to pre-pandemic behaviors.” Another 34% disagreed and 14% were unsure.

Breaking the results down by political party, the poll found that Democrats were more likely to blame inflation on the return to “pre-pandemic behaviors” while Republicans were more inclined to blame it on Biden’s policies.

While it remains to be seen how that responsibility is ultimately divided, Americans are left to deal with an inflation rate that has reached a 13-year high under the Biden administration.

“We’re going to remain vigilant”

As the poll determined, another point of contention deals with whether inflation will be short-lived or the beginning of a long-term phenomenon.

For its part, the Biden administration has attempted to pin the blame on what the Federal Reserve labeled “transitory factor.” The White House’s official position is that COVID-19 has contributed to a short-term rise in prices.

Biden himself reflected a less resolute stance earlier this month, however, declaring: “My administration understands that if we were to ever experience unchecked inflation over the long term, that would pose real challenges to our economy. So, while we’re confident that isn’t what we are seeing today, we’re going to remain vigilant about any response that is needed.”

Republicans, on the other hand, have blamed inflation on an unprecedented level of government spending since Biden took office, including the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 spending package.

Regardless of which factor ultimately bears the most blame or how long consumer costs will continue creeping upward, this poll seems to confirm that most Americans believe inflation is a serious concern right now.

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