'More than just a deception': Biden covering up life-and-death issue

 May 15, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A good number of Americans, in polls, support abortion with limits, but no amount of opinion on the issue can change the fact it is the one "medical" procedure in America that has as its goal of killing one of the two patients who arrive.

Further, the industry does, in fact, leave behind the deaths of millions of unborn each year.

And Joe Biden has been an enthusiastic supporter of the industry, choosing to make it one of his top priorities in office.

But his campaign claims that he, in fact, is moderate on the issue.

"No, the president doesn’t support full-term abortions, as he’s made clear many times. He thinks Roe got it right," Lauren Hitt, of the Biden campaign, said in a recent interview.

Roe v. Wade, the faulty 1973 Supreme Court ruling that created a "right" to abortion, actually allowed states to have some limits on abortion but did not require them, meaning if a state chose, abortion would be legal throughout the full nine months.

Now a report in the Federalist notes that Biden's 2024 campaign "is scrambling to save face with voters, a majority of whom reject abortion through all nine months."

The campaign is "pretending" Biden does not support late-term abortions.

When asked if Biden agreed with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s endorsement of the "legalized butchering of full-term, unborn babies," his campaign said no. Kennedy has since backpedaled from full-term abortion support.

"Biden is widely known for being a serial liar, but his campaign’s insistence that the Democrat 'doesn’t support full-term abortions' is more than just a deception. It’s a deliberate attempt to cover up the administration’s unpopular, radical abortion actions ahead of the 2024 presidential showdown."

The report pointed out that Biden has been pushing for abortion on demand practices throughout the nation.

"During the 2022 midterms, Biden promised to legalize unlimited, on-demand abortion through all nine months in all 50 states in the form of a wide-sweeping bill codifying taxpayer-funded abortion. Even then, his White House tiptoed around admitting out loud that the president wanted to see abortion through all nine months become enshrined in laws and constitutions in every state through deceptive ballot measures," the report said.

And during his 2024 State of the Union he said life-protecting laws now being adopted in some states threaten women by "banning the freedom to choose, criminalizing doctors, forcing survivors of rape and incest to leave their states to get the treatment they need."

The report noted no matter what Biden's campaign claims, "it's clear that Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, their administration, and the Democrat party want nothing more than to see the codification of abortion through all nine months of pregnancy in every state."

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