More than half of DC murder cases went unsolved in 2021, experts blame the ‘defund’ movement

Not only are American cities experiencing an unbelievably high crime rate as radical, progressive Democrats continue to push the anti-police movement, but many of those cities also have another serious problem brewing.

According to Fox News, thanks in part to the “defund the police” narrative, experts claim, only 42% of murder cases in Washington D.C. were able to be closed by homicide detectives last year — meaning more than half of the city’s murderers were not arrested and are likely out there waiting for their next victim, in some cases.

Criminologists sounding the alarm on the steep decline in solved cases warn that the problem could spiral out of control unless changes are made.

Unfortunately, the nation’s capital city is dangerous enough as it is without letting an increased number of killers lurk in the shadows.

What’s happening?

Because of the Democrats’ demonization of police officers, criminologists believe that fewer witnesses are willing to come forward in homicide cases, which can often mean the difference between a killer being arrested and going free, as University of Missouri-St. Louis criminology professor, Richard Rosenfeld, explained.

“If people are less confident in the police, want to have less contact with the police, they’re not going to be as cooperative,” Rosenfeld told Fox.

He added: “The police therefore lose that valuable form of assistance as they’re trying to solve homicides.”

The professor went on to add that the cycles that can form as a result of a loss of confidence in police can haunt cities for years, especially in the form of higher crime and fewer bad guys being taken off the streets.

Left’s strategy not working

As the country has witnessed in just the past year alone, crime rates are out of control most everywhere, and the cities that opted to go “woke” in the name of “social justice” that cut police budgets significantly are some of the cities being hardest hit by the crime surge.

Some cities, Fox noted, even opted to use police budget funds to expand social programs, which again turned out to be a gigantic mistake.

Not surprisingly, but definitely alarming, even as once-great American cities turn into crime-ridden dumpster fires, President Joe Biden is reportedly set to announce some type of “police reform” gimmick to mark the start of Black History Month, Fox News reported.

Only time will tell, but it appears as if high crime rates will be the norm as long as Democrats remain in control. Hopefully, that begins to change later this year.

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