More Republicans call on Biden to resign over Afghanistan fiasco

Representative Claudia Tenney (R-NY) has joined the swelling ranks of Republicans calling on President Joe Biden to resign over his gross mishandling of the U.S. troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

According to The Washington Times, Tenney sent a clear message to the White House: Biden must resign or face removal when Republicans take Congress. While Republicans may not have the power to remove Biden currently, they could start the process if they take the House in the 2022 midterm elections.

Biden’s handling of the situation in Afghanistan has embarrassed the entire nation and endangered thousands of Americans who are now essentially trapped behind enemy lines throughout the Taliban-controlled country.

Nightmare situation

President Biden has created a nightmare situation in Afghanistan, and the responsibility lies completely with him.

In a Breitbart exclusive, Tenney said:

“The condition is getting even worse. People are getting killed and shot at and we have casualties on the ground. We have video of casualties on the ground in the perimeter of the Kabul airport showing that people can’t get to the airport to get out of Afghanistan. And just the entire situation is botched, and yet the president comes out and continues to show an arrogant callousness. He just cannot lead, and we cannot have him in this position anymore.”

Biden has refused to take any responsibility for the situation, as Politico noted, and has even gone as far as to downplay the situation.

Thousands of Americans are trapped in Afghanistan, and our allies worldwide are furious, yet President Biden has chosen to vacation in Delaware. Biden’s failure is unprecedented, and Republicans must strategize on how to hold him accountable.

Never before has America been so weak on the world stage. Terrorists worldwide have no reason to fear us, and Biden is directly responsible.

Impeach Biden

The odds that President Biden recognizes his failures and resigns on his own are extremely low. Likewise, the Democratic Party will likely never recognize the need to remove Biden from office.

Republicans must retake Congress in the 2022 midterm elections and then impeach President Biden if he refuses to step down before then. Trump was impeached, twice, for far less.

More Republicans are calling on Biden to resign, and even some Democrats have signaled their displeasure with Biden. Unless the president does something drastic, it wouldn’t be impossible for Republicans to impeach him with the help of a few votes from across the political aisle.

Only time will tell if the Afghanistan debacle is the shameful end of Biden’s nearly 50-year political career, but it’s definitely a strong possibility at this point.

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