More Biden administration officials leaving for greener pastures ahead of 2022 midterm elections

An exodus among Biden administration officials is forming as Democrats are heading for a shellacking in 2024, and many in the Biden administration are looking for greener pastures.

President Biden has been unable to please any faction in the Democrat Party, and leaks from Washington D.C. suggest that liberals in the administration are disheartened and disappointed, according to the Washington Examiner.

President Biden’s administration has failed to accomplish anything significant and the writing is on the wall for Democrats in 2022.

Midterm disaster

One Democrat jumping ship is Cedric Richmond, the former Louisiana congressman and one of Biden’s top legislative negotiators, who is leaving to consult with the Democratic National Committee.

Richmond is just one of a host of figures who have decided they no longer want their name attached to the disastrous Biden administration.

Even White House press secretary Jen Psaki has had enough and is working out a sweet deal with MSNBC that will ensure her a place of influence while not having to cover for President Biden’s failures.

John Anzalone, Biden’s campaign pollster, told Politico that “They don’t feel Democrats can get their s*** together and get things done. No one’s going to sit there as a Democratic consultant and try to bulls*** you that this is anything but a really sour environment for Democrats.”

Democrats have failed to achieve large objectives, which have taken the air out of Democrat voters’ sails. But that isn’t what Democrats haven’t done that is killing them; it’s what they have managed to do that is setting them up for a historic defeat in the midterm elections.

Across the board, life has gotten harder for Americans as inflation has delivered a knockout punch to many Americans struggling to get by. Other issues like the southern border and the situation around the world have also driven the average American to lean right.

Exodus will get worse

As the midterm elections get closer and the sentiment among voters continues to become clearer, more officials will likely join the exodus out of the White House.

No Democrat operative will want to be working for President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris if they are overseeing the worst Democrat defeat in recent history.

For Republicans, the mass exodus from the White House can only mean they are on the right track. However, they still need to ensure voters that if they gain power, they will do everything they can to undo the disastrous policies of the Biden administration.

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