Monica Lewinsky unveils anti-bullying campaign, shares worst names she’s been called

National Bullying Prevention Month has kicked off — but Democrats are not so happy about one participant.

Monica Lewinsky — yes, that Monica — has kicked the month off with a PSA video called #DefyTheName, in which she explained why “that woman” is one of the worst names she was ever been called.

Take a look:

It Starts with a Name

At a young age, it is very easy to let a bully’s nickname define you — but Lewinsky is trying to prevent that.

As a way to encourage bullied children, Lewinsky wants people to change their Twitter handle to their “bully” name.

The obvious purpose is to show young children that it is, indeed, just a name, and that anyone can overcome that to achieve anything.

“Where I landed, given the 50 characters you could have for your display name, is ‘Monica Chunky Slut Stalker That Woman Lewinsky,” Lewinsky said.

Bill Revisited

Lewinsky’s bully name is in reference to something Bill Clinton said when testifying about his relationship with the former White House intern.

He remarked: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.”

But as bad as the situation was with Bill Clinton, Lewinsky has seemed to turn the corner for her own life.

For years, she was more or less a recluse, avoiding anything that would put her in the public eye.

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Now, though, she is making appearances on the subject and as noted here, getting involved in campaigns on a national level.

For this particular campaign, Lewinsky should be applauded, as it works very much in conjunction with a platform our current first lady has taken to protect today’s children from bullying.

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