Monica Lewinsky reveals she was once suicidal: ‘The ground completely crumbled’

Everyone seems to forget that Monica Lewinsky was actually the victim during and after her affair with former President Bill Clinton.

With all the scrutiny that was coming her way, Lewinsky recently revealed that at one point, she once had suicidal thoughts.

Life in Plain View

There is little doubt that Monica Lewinsky, who was at the time a very young and impressionable intern, was caught up in the charm and power of Bill Clinton.

She admired the man, and when he started to pay a little extra attention to her, the writing was more or less on the wall.

But when word of the affair finally got out, according to Lewinsky, “the ground completely crumbled in that moment.”

The Guilt

When the heat was coming down on Clinton over his affair, Lewinsky was put into a very uncomfortable spot.

Authorities asked her to become an informant, and it scared her to death.

“In order to cooperate and avoid charges, I would have to make phone calls – monitored phone calls, which they would listen into and they would record — and I might have to wear a wire and actually go see people in person,” Lewinsky said.

She added: “I felt so much guilt, and I was terrified.”

Over time, the guilt and pressure really started to get to her.

She was still young and just getting started in her career, and suddenly, her life was falling apart around her.

Not only that, but her private life was also now put in the spotlight for everyone to see and scrutinize.

As everything started to close in on her, her thoughts turned very dark.

“I remember looking out the window and thinking the only way to fix this was to kill myself, was to jump out the window,” Lewinsky said.

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Thankfully, Lewinsky never acted on her urges.

It is a brutal reminder, though, of the horrific impact Bill Clinton had on the young ladies he allegedly assaulted throughout his time in political office.

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