Monica Lewinsky says Kavanaugh accuser is victim for being ‘outed without consent’

Somehow, the woman making accusations against Kavanaugh is being painted as a “double victim.”

Monica Lewinsky decided she needed to speak up and express her sorrow that Christine Blasey Ford was “outed without consent.”


First and foremost, the allegations made by Ford have not yet been proven or corroborated by anyone.

Second, you don’t get to be a victim two times over because the person who allegedly betrayed your trust is famous or influential.

That is really what happened here.

Ford threw out the accusations against Kavanaugh and did not want to be named.

Not only that, she made it clear to her congresswoman that she did not want to discuss the incident further.

However, politicians being what they are, one of the few people that knew her true identity leaked the information to the press.

Days later, Ford decided to come forward to reveal her identity rather than be outed by the media.

Again, that does not make her a victim again, just a fool for trusting a politician.

Proves the Point

There are more than a few people that think this entire allegation is nothing more than a political stunt.

The manner in which the Democrats have handled this entire incident lends credence to that theory.

Feinstein had been given that letter months ago, but she just now decided to make it public.

Then, someone close to her camp had to have leaked the woman’s name.

Why would they do that?

The answer is simple… because they wanted to create as many negative headlines as possible before Kavanaugh’s vote.

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Why didn’t Feinstein introduce the letter earlier or ask Kavanaugh questions about it when she interviewed him before?

Best guess is that she didn’t believe the letter either but knew it was her last resort to block Kavanaugh.

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