Monica Lewinsky moving up after Bill Clinton and #MeToo movement

For years, Monica Lewinsky was all but forced to live in the shadows because of her infamous affair with then-President Bill Clinton.

Now, Lewinsky is not just back in the limelight — she is thriving. In fact, she’s heading to Ireland to be a keynote speaker at the Talent Summit conference in Dublin this week.

Back in the Spotlight

The country first came to know Monica Lewinsky’s name in 1998. It was then we all found about the now infamous blue dress and her affair with Bill Clinton. In her early 20s at the time, she was far too young to handle the amount of scrutiny that was headed her way.

While she was complicit in the affair, she was also a victim of a very powerful man. Clinton used his position as president to manipulate her and ended up sending her off in disgrace.

Of how she was treated, Lewinsky said later, “I ceased being a three-dimensional person. Instead, I became a whore, a bimbo, a slut, and worse.”

But today, she has turned what was once an embarrassing moment into a way to offer strength to other women. As a social activist today, Lewinsky channels her energy into fighting bullying on social media.

Moving On

It was only a few years ago that Lewinsky was able to start talking about what happened to her. Her Ted Talk in Vancouver in 2015 went viral and thrust Lewinsky back into the spotlight, but this time in a good way.

Watch below:

Initially, she was flooded with angry comments from viewers, calling Lewinsky all sorts of disgusting names. However, those comments caused more and more women to come out to show their support for Lewinsky. The negativity they saw gave them a taste of what Lewinksy has had to deal with over the last two decades.

Then, in 2017, the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke and the #MeToo movement was born. Lewinsky quickly became one of the faces associated with it.

Lewinksy +1, Clinton -1

Lewinsky recently participated in a cable special documenting Clinton’s presidential scandal and his impeachment proceedings, making even more people aware of just how twisted Bill Clinton really is.

As Lewinsky’s star rises, Bill and Hillary Clinton are on the wane. For the first time, the #MeToo scandals forced Democrats and the media to reconsider the Clintons’ treatment of Lewinsky and the other women who’ve accused Bill of wrongdoing — and what they see isn’t pretty.

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