Monica Lewinsky says she was threatened with 27 years in prison following affair with Bill Clinton

Paul Manafort’s sentencing has brought on some harsh criticism from many who were surprised by its length. But one victim of Bill Clinton wasn’t shocked.

Monica Lewinsky has come forward since Manafort’s sentencing to lament the prison sentence she was threatened with when she was “trying desperately” to hide her affair with the former president: a whopping 27 years.

Not Happy

It is probably a safe assumption that Lewinsky has nothing against Manafort personally — but it’s fair for her to be in disbelief over his sentencing based on what she was facing after her affair with Bill Clinton.

When Clinton was being investigated for possible impeachment, Lewinsky found herself as investigators’ No. 1 target.

After she filed a false affidavit, among other things, prosecutors were able to get her to tell her story by threatening to send her to jail for almost three decades.

The Manafort Sentence

This sounds eerily like the methods used by the current special counsel, who issued a sentencing memo that would have all but ensured Manafort die in prison if the judge followed his request.

But Judge T.S. Ellis sentenced Manafort to just 47 months, more than two decades less than Mueller had requested.

Ellis argued that Mueller’s recommendation was excessive.

President Donald Trump apparently agrees, and has since used the situation to justify his comments about Mueller’s investigation being a witch hunt.

Meanwhile, Manafort has managed to dodge one bullet, but he still faces sentencing for his federal crimes next week.

The question now remains if the next judge will be as lenient, or if they will drop the hammer to make up for what many deem to be far too light of a sentence in the state cases.

Only time will tell.

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