‘Mommy blogger’ charged in toddler’s death

A 2-year-old girl mysteriously died in upstate New York on Saturday — and local authorities suspect the toddler was killed by her father’s girlfriend, a self-described “mommy blogger.”

The Erie County Sheriff’s Office has now leveled a number of charges against 26-year-old Briana Valenti related to the death of the young girl.

As of Monday, Valenti was being held in county jail on $150,000 bond while awaiting a court appearance.

Reckless assault of a child

The tragic death of the toddler was first reported by WKBW, who noted that Valenti had initially been charged with reckless assault of a child after the toddler had been rushed to the hospital from her home in Grand Island, New York, when she passed out and was having trouble breathing.

An investigation of the matter quickly determined that the child had become unresponsive because of prior injuries that had been received.

The child ultimately died from those injuries on Saturday after having spent nearly two weeks in the intensive care unit of the Oishei Children’s Hospital.

Shaken “almost to death”

A separate report from WKBW identified the girl as Raelynn Rose Fuller. Her father, Cody Fuller, told the media outlet that Valenti was his girlfriend who’d been tasked with watching over little Raelynn and Fuller’s 5-year-old daughter while he was at work, where he was when his youngest daughter had to be rushed to the hospital on Sept. 10.

Valenti had told investigators that the sudden medical emergency occurred when Raelynn fell and hit her head.

But Fuller told WKBW that doctors had determined Raelynn’s injuries were the result of the child being shaken “almost to death,” presumably by Valenti, who Fuller wants to see charged by authorities with the child’s death.

It remains unclear at this time if Valenti will face any additional charges more serious than the reckless assault of a child stemming from the death of Raelynn.

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Barring a public trial with plenty of evidence submitted for consideration, we may never truly know exactly what happened to the little girl, but all signs point to Valenti as being solely responsible for her injuries and subsequent death.

If that is the case, this “mommy blogger” won’t be doing much blogging or “mommy-ing” for at least the next several years, as she will be serving time behind bars.

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