‘Modest Mouse’ drummer Jeremiah Green dies at 45

Fox News reports that Jeremiah Green, the drummer of the band called Modest Mouse, has died at the age of 45. 

The band announced Green’s passing on Sunday via its Instagram account.

The band wrote:

I don’t know a way to ease into this: Today we lost our dear friend Jeremiah. He laid down to rest and simply faded out. I’d like to say a bunch of pretty words right now, but it just isn’t the time. These will come later, and from many people.

“Please appreciate all the love you give, get, have given, and will get,” the post concludes. “Above all, Jeremiah was about love. We love you.”

Stage 4

Green’s passing comes less than a week after the band revealed that the drummer had been diagnosed with stage four cancer.

The band told followers:

Jeremiah was diagnosed with cancer a short while ago, and he’s currently in treatment. It seems to be going smoothly and making a positive difference. Jeremiah, as am I, are believers in the power of positive energy, so if you would be so kind as to send “good vibes” (to quote Jeremiah) in the direction of Jeremiah and his family, that’d be great.

At about the same time, Green’s brother, Adam Green, released a statement to Fox News Digital on his brother’s condition.

Adam Green said:

He is doing great considering the circumstances . . . He played a lot of shows with the cancer, but the doctor gave him the green light to play all the way up to the last West Coast date. His goal is to be back on tour this spring in South America. He has about 4 weeks of Chemo and Radiation left.

Green losses the battle

By Saturday, Green’s mother, Carol Namatame, released a statement indicating that her son had lost his battle with cancer.

“It is with a very heavy heart that the Green and Namatame families announce the passing of their husband, father, son, and brother, Jeremiah Green,” Namatame wrote.

She continued:

Jeremiah, drummer and founding member of the Issaquah based band Modest Mouse, lost his courageous battle with cancer on December 31. He went peacefully in his sleep. Jeremiah was a light to so many.

Remembering Green

Modest Mouse was formed back in 1992, and Green was one of the co-founders, along with Isaac Brock and Eric Judy.

Modest Mouse’s best success came in the 2000s after it signed with Epic Records. The band is particularly well-known for its 2004 song Float On.

Green, despite his cancer, had been performing with the band as recently as Dec. 1, 2022.

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