Sec. of Treasury Mnuchin’s wife discusses her liberal ways

In any presidential administration, the actions of high-level officials spouses are put under a microscope.

After Steve Mnuchin’s wife Louise Linton posted flamboyant images of her designer lifestyle and made some rather incendiary proclamations on social media, she’s getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

Uber Liberal

The Trump administration seems to have more than its fair share of politically-split marriages these days. White House Adviser Kellyanne Conway and her husband George Conway have made headlines for their dramatically opposed political opinions.

The Mnuchin-Linton marriage may be developing the same kind of infamy.

Linton is a Scottish film producer and actress. She professes herself to be an uber-liberal vegan. She stands up for environmental causes and says she goes out of her way to hire transgender actors and actresses in her projects.

Linton also happens to be very fond of the high life, with a recent Instagram post tagging every piece of designer clothing she had on.

Needless to say, the tweet did not go over well with Americans that do not support the Trump administration.

Defending Trump

Even as liberal as she is, however, she seems to be quite the fan of President Trump. She recently stated he has a great “sense of humor.”

Linton has also apparently become very chummy with Ivanka Trump.

She stated, “I go over there with one of my dogs for the kids to play with. We’re just two young women making our way in the world.”

Linton believes most people are hard on the Trump’s simply because they cannot relate, which she believes is wrong.

Even liberals, according to Linton, should give the Trump’s the benefit of the doubt and give them a chance rather than fall into the trap of believing everything the media says about them.

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