The Washington Post accuses Mitch McConnell of being a ‘Russian asset’

Nobody would ever accuse The Washington Post of being a conservative or even neutral publication.

However, after allowing an opinion piece by Dana Milbank, which accused Mitch McConnell of being a Russian agent to be published, there is little doubt WaPo is now officially a member of the far left.

Going Too Far

To fully appreciate the magnitude of these allegations, you have to consider the source.

The masthead on The Washington Post says, “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” When you make a statement such as that, you better be fair and balanced in your reporting. The Washington Post, however, is anything but.

You can scan down the top stories every day and see negative headline after negative headline when it comes to Donald Trump.

We have seen studies on media coverage showing that most outlets cover this administration negatively more than 90% of the time. That is not shedding light on the story — it is blatantly twisting it to influence the opinion of the reader.

Calling Out Mitch

The article by Milbank was specifically calling out McConnell for blocking Democrat legislation on election fraud. Dems are claiming they have been trying to pass legislation to protect the upcoming elections from meddling.

McConnell has hit them back, stating this legislation is being used as a way to legitimize their accusations against Trump.

It is probably a safe bet there are some poison pills in the legislation, which is why McConnell refuses to put the legislation on the floor.

The attack by WaPo is hardly the first time allegations such as this have been levied against McConnell. For instance, Joe Scarborough recently called him “Moscow Mitch.”

It is as though the entire left believes the Republican Party has been infiltrated and is now controlled by the Russians.

It is pathetic, but it is the narrative that will continue to be pitched by Democrats until Trump is out of office.

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