Missouri school board joins Ohio in pulling out of national organization

The Missouri School Board Association has joined its Ohio counterpart in officially resigning from the National School Board Association.

Although progressives have attempted to portray the ongoing debate regarding the national board as a victory, the recent decision by two state boards reveals a willingness to stand up to perceived federal overreach.

“Guiding principles of local governance”

In its statement, the Missouri board asserted that the national board has “demonstrated it does not currently align with the MSBA’s guiding principles of local governance.”

The current drama stems from the Biden administration’s efforts to use the NSBA to unleash Justice Department resources on parents nationwide.

Many Americans were outraged upon learning of the proposed connection between federal law enforcement and the national school board, prompting a renewed backlash against the Biden administration and public school systems.

This development came as countless parents have begun paying more attention to lesson plans being used by public schools, particularly those related to those involving the controversial critical race theory.

As part of the political ramifications, Democratic Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe has seen his popularity decline after expressing support for school boards that have decided to go on the offensive in response to the concerns of parents.

Democrats face potential political fallout

McAuliffe might not be the only Democrat to pay a political price as concerned Americans increasingly target school boards to express their opposition to current trends.

School boards nationwide have long been accused of pushing a progressive agenda — and critics now say their perceptions have been proven correct.

It seems likely that the NSBA will see more GOP-led states pull out, especially if parents maintain or increase their current level of activism in response to its perceived leftist ideology.

Social issues including transgender bathroom policies have also come to the forefront in recent weeks with accusations that the school district in Loudoun County, Virginia sought to cover up the alleged sexual assault of a girl by a biological male allowed to enter the girls’ restroom.

Democrats running for public office in the upcoming midterm elections and beyond should be prepared to explain to increasingly angry voters how they plan to address the school board situation.

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